Save The George Eliot


Secret plans to cut NHS services in North Warwickshire, Nuneaton and Bedworth have been leaked to local media. 

The plans, part of the Conservative Government’s cuts of £22 billion to the NHS could see the Accident and Emergency close at George Eliot, the maternity ward shut down, stroke care moved to Coventry and surgery times restricted.

The secretive plans have been met with disgust by Labour's Group Leader in North Warwickshire, Cllr Adam Farrell

Cllr Farrell said,

“If these plans are right then this is terrible news for local people. We are told the NHS faces no cuts from Government but this is just untrue.

This hospital is a vital local service for residents in the north of Warwickshire. I have a young son who at just 6 weeks old needed emergency care at hospital. We rang 101, secured an out of hours’ appointment at the George Eliot and without their quick thinking and expertise, things could have been very different.

It just isn’t acceptable to have people travelling over to University Hospital in Coventry for emergency treatment or to give Birth. It is over 30 minutes away from some parts of North Warwickshire which is a long time if you’re in pain.

We were told during the General Election that the Conservative MP for this area would ensure the hospital was ‘never mismanaged again’. His party now plan to close most of it down, it’s an absolute disgrace. Mr. Tracey should be ashamed of himself for letting local people down."

You can sign our petition today against these terrible plans for our community hopsital.

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It is criminal to shut A E and the maternity unit at George elliot hospital Please do not make us tyravel to coventry and warwwick
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So this is how they will destroy the NHS … by putting so much pressure on other hospitals they will collapse too. People will die waiting for ambulances that will either have to come from the far side of Coventry, or from the other side of Leicester. Heart attack victims won’t have the 25 minutes or more it will take an ambulance to get to them. Babies, and possibly mothers too, will die when it will take nearly an hour to get mothers in labour to a specialist maternity unit. This is nothing more than the implementation of callous ideology against the poor.
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Must be stopped
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Maximum support and unity needed. These cuts can and must be stopped.
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Sign the petition: Save The George Eliot
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Try taxing the big corporations properly and you won’t need to do this. It’s disgusting.
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Sign the petition: Save The George Eliot
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Don’t Slash Trash and Privatise our NHS!
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I lived in Nuneaton for nearly 40 years until 2015 and always greatly valued our excellent local hospital. It must be protected & financed!
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