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Conservative County Council announces consultation on cuts to children’s centres


Labour Councillors and campaigners are calling on local people to join them in opposing the plans by the Conservative Warwickshire County Council to close our children’s centres.

Under the Tories:


X     £1.12 Million cut from the Children’s Centre budget in 2018

X     30 Children’s Centers could close in Warwickshire

X     Early years provision scrapped

X     40 Family Support Staff to be sacked

X     They want volunteers to run Children’s Centers at risk of closure


Bedworth, Coleshill, Polesworth, Kingsbury and Mancetter Children’s Centres all at risk.


Labour oppose the closure of Children’s Centres in North Warwickshire. Before the County Council Elections, no party controlled the Council. Labour secured an agreement to keep Children’s Centres open. Now the Tories run the Council, they plan to close the majority of our children centres.


Sign our petition. Respond to the consultation. Tell the Tories to u-turn.

We the undersigned call on Conservative Warwickshire County Council to reverse their cuts to children's centres

Goal: 36 signatures

Will you sign?

The Labour Party and its elected representatives may contact you using the information you supply.


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I had a cesarean in December 2016 and my recovery was slow. It is great having a children’s centre which is walking distance. A chance for mothers to meet and also get advice. A break from the four walls at home. Taking this away could cause more depression for new mums.
signed 2017-07-12 18:50:19 +0100
Children are our future, as youngsters they are valuable and need our care, investment in services to develop themselves and grow into fully functional rounded adults..
signed 2017-06-28 23:01:55 +0100
Absolutely disgusting! Children’s centres are a staple part of young children’s social, emotional and physical development. Allowing them to explore activities that parents may be unable to try at home. They also help new mums develop relationships with other mums who are experiencing similar trials and triumphs. A wealth of knowledge and skills from trained staff helps new mums build their confidence when caring for their new born. I now have three children under three and without the support groups run by the children’s centre I would be stuck at home wondering what to do to entertain them!
signed via 2017-06-24 19:51:54 +0100
Feel free to contact myself, denise wainwright or helen cruchley. Were campaigning in nuneaton & bedworth and have covered atherstone too and trying to get as many oarents around atherstone involved as possible. We also have petitions on the way to my mother in law in water orton.
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Sign the petition: Save our Children's Centres
signed 2017-06-24 14:57:16 +0100
I’m a mum to a send child and these centres are vital in the community….i don’t drive so having to travel further to see specialist is going to be harder with a child that does not cope in public transport.. .. and the price of a taxi…the children’s centre allow parents to meet other parent with send children…. and helps them and there children feel safe and not be STARED at because Our children are different…..
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Sign the petition: Save our Children's Centres
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Sign the petition: Save our Children's Centres
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Sign the petition: Save our Children's Centres
signed 2017-06-20 06:46:21 +0100
To cut out the front line support for young children and their families is ridiculous. This will have a huge impact on our most vulnerable children/ families that seek the support, care and understanding of this outstanding service.

The govement need to look more indeph at the positive impact that children’s services have not only within the communities but within the early years sector.

How many abused children, demestic abuse and struggling families will now go unnoticed?

Maybe a report on how many referrals to different agencies, including social services, are made by children centers per year needs to be done to show just how many children and families will go unnoticed if children’s centers are cut?
signed 2017-06-19 22:58:36 +0100
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I rely on our Polesworth playgroup for my daughter to socialise and build skills. Don’t take it away.
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How can this be a positive plan? How can this be for the good of vulnerable families? How can this provide the early intervention and care these families so desperately need? How can you justify taking services away? How? Well the answer is you can’t without having an impact on our most vulnerable. Early intervention is key to ensuring these families have any hope of surviving in this already fragile climate, it’s just one more cut these families do not need. Cuts now will result in more spend in the future on repairing the damage they have created. When will this Tory government learn that families need these services and trained professionals to guide and support? And as if the impact on families isn’t enough you are putting over 100 highly qualified and dedicated members of staff out of work. Staff that work tirelessly to provide families with an excellent service on an already slashed budget. Please leave our children’s centres one and let staff make a difference.
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Sign the petition: Save our Children's Centres
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